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The Sheriff's Department provides 24-hour coverage for the entire county as well as some of the smaller communities. The Patrol Deputies also provide strict traffic enforcement in our county on both the paved roads as well as the unimproved areas.

The Spring River flows through a part of our county giving both residents and visitors a recreational bonus. You can feel safe and secure knowing that our department is equipped with watercraft apparatus that is used for rescues and patrol.

Logan Powell.png

Deputy Logan Powell #107


Tye Baxter.png

Deputy Tye Baxter #108


Cade Sullinger.png

Deputy Cade Sullinger #109


Hunter Taylor.png

Sgt. Hunter Taylor #110


Bobby Glenn.png

Deputy Bobby Glenn #111


Lane King.png

Sgt. Lane King #114


Mike Zieger.png

Deputy Mike Zeiger #116


Kelly Newcom.png

Deputy Kelly Newcom #149


Bryan Buchanan.png

SRO Sgt. Bryan Buchanan #112
School Resource Officer
Highland High School


Del Bagwell.png

SRO Del Bagwell #113
School Resource Officer
Highland Middle School


Creston Duncan.png

SRO Creston Duncan #115
School Resource Officer
Highland Elementary School



Deputy Austin Carpenter #106