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Sharp County's Criminal Investigation Division comprises two full-time Detectives and is under the direct supervision of Captain Josh Williams. Our Detectives are general assignment; therefore, they handle a wide range of investigations. 

Once a uniformed deputy takes a report, C.I.D. will begin a follow-up investigation on cases with enough information to warrant a follow-up investigation. C.I.D. is responsible for processing and cataloging evidence at major crime scenes. They also prepare affidavits for arrest warrants, search warrants, interview victims, witnesses, and suspects, and perform other related duties.

*To pass on any information regarding crimes in the Sharp County area, you can email one of our Detectives (listed below) or give them a call at 870-994-7356.


Captain Josh Williams.png

Captain Josh Williams #103


Bryce Trivitt.png

Lt. Bryce Trivitt #104


Greg Stewart.png

Lt. Greg Stewart #105